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  1. Believe in the miracle (Hannah)

  2. Believe in the voice of God (Samuel)

  3. Believe in the calling of God (Saul)

  4. Believe in the redemption of God (Woman Caught In Adultery)

The Truth About What You Really Want

Series Summary:

  1. What do you really want?
  2. Are you hungry? (Driven)
  3. Are you doing what is right? (Integrous)
  4. Are you filled and satisfied with your life?
  5. How can a young person balance hunger, humility, and passion? (There is nothing like youthful hunger)
The Truth About Moving Forward

Four Things That Will Help You Move Forward

  1. Forgetting (Requires a high level of maturity to let things go)
  2. Reaching (Requires a clear sense of direction- you can only reach for what you can see!)
  3. Pressing (Requires a stubborn level of grit)
  4. Believing (Requires unwavering faith)
Learn What To Celebrate

Introduction: I am concerned about the all-out attack on seasons of celebration in the name of showing loyalty to Christ. This year, I have sought to explore how to live and think in this new world. As we close out the year, I want to focus on the importance of the gift of celebration. In scripture, God inspires us to celebrate our design, fruitfulness, authority, and abundance.