Warning Lights
  1. Warnings Lights 1 (Temperament, Romance, Divorce and Lying)
  2. Warning Lights 2 (Retaliation, Grudges, and Not Serving, Praying, or Fasting)
  3. Warning Lights for Dads (A Mature Dad’s Created Purpose)
  4. Warning Lights 3 (What Maturity and Immaturity look like)
Big Thinking for Big Results
  1. Developing a Plan
  2. Developing a Team (Some people have one player teams)
  3. Developing Self-confidence
  4. Developing a Deadline
How To Get To God's Best

How to Get to God’s Best! God desires to bring you to your best life (John 10:10). Three decisions can make God’s dream for you possible. If you avoid being naive, pay attention to your history, and avoid foolish temptations, your life can have amazing results.

  1. Believe in the miracle (Hannah)

  2. Believe in the voice of God (Samuel)

  3. Believe in the calling of God (Saul)

  4. Believe in the redemption of God (Woman Caught In Adultery)

How To Identify Stagnant Thinking

Four Key Words in The Stagnation Series

  1. Determination: I can (Are you a determined person?)
  2. Dedication: I can do (What are you dedicated to doing?)
  3. Diversification: I can do all things (What are you broadening or diversifying?)
  4. Devotion: I can do all things through Christ (Who are you truly devoted to?)
Where Are You?

Series Summary:

  1. Are You Hiding
  2. Are You Naked
  3. Are You Blaming
  4. Are You Fixable (God’s Unique Plan) …Christmas
  5. Are You Starting Over (New Year’s Eve)
Fighting A Fight That Is Not Yours
  1. Some people have anger issues (They are always angry about something)

  2. Some people have backsliding issues (They are always starting over again)

  3. Some people have courage issues (They don’t do the hard work required to win)

  4. Some people have missed opportunity Issues (Name an opportunity you missed?)


Part 1: Waiting For Me to be Ready to Start

Part 2: Waiting For Me to Manage My Distractions.

Part 3: Waiting For Me to Tell the Truth

Part 4:  Waiting For Me to Receive God’s Best