Pastor Ricky Temple

Pastor Ricky Temple stands as one of America’s most innovative and influential leaders, captivating audiences with straightforward, down-home messages that resonate everywhere he speaks. For over forty-three years, he has shared a strong bond of marriage with Diane Temple, and together they have proudly raised two children, Ricky Temple Jr. and Christina Temple.

Throughout his career spanning over four decades, Pastor Rick, as he’s widely known, has impacted lives worldwide through radio and television. His unique communication style makes complex subjects easily comprehensible to all. With a deep commitment to nurturing leaders, churches, and families, he is a highly sought-after speaker and consultant.

As senior pastor of Overcoming by Faith Ministries (OBF) in Savannah, Georgia, Pastor Rick has faithfully led the congregation since 1981. He took on the role of lead pastor at The Church on the Way in Van Nuys, California, from June 2011 to December 2013—while continuing his service in Savannah. Under his direction, OBF pioneered a digital-physical platform in 2007, which continues to prove invaluable in its outreach efforts.

He holds the following degrees: doctor of ministry from The King’s Seminary, master of arts in strategic leadership from Life Pacific University, honorary doctor of divinity from the International Church of Foursquare, and honorary doctor of letters from Life Pacific, where he also earned an undergraduate diploma in biblical studies.

As an author, he collaborated with Debra Smith Pegues on Why Smart People Make Dumb Choices, a Harvest House publication that has profoundly impacted thousands. Additionally, his devotional works, Surviving Marriage, Surviving the Single Journey, and Learning to Be Happy, offer transformative guidance to readers.

With humor and practical insights, Pastor Rick engages in what he considers his ultimate life’s mission: helping people last. He is dedicating his later years to becoming a “lastologist,” creating tools that foster healthy perspectives and life habits in leaders, marriages, and families. With a relatable approach, he delivers a refreshing word that uniquely challenges, strengthens, and encourages those who hear him.