Your giving goes a long way. Here at Overcoming by Faith when we give we say, "Good seed in good soil." You can give confidently and securely knowing that we will be good stewards of your donation. Thank you for supporting our mission.


Why We Give

Tithes & Offerings: 

To fund the majority of our ministry expenses

Mission Projects:

To fund our foreign and domestic missions efforts

Building A Future:

To fund special projects 
1. Renovation - Property and facility improvements
2. Reduction - Reduce debt
3. Reserves - Build reserves to prepare for future building and property goals

How We Give

1. Give online 


2. Text - To - Give by texting (912) 307 - 3077 

(Text Example: Missions 50 to give $50 to missions)
Need Additional Help? Follow the Steps Below:

1. Text the keyword and amount to the number that is assigned to your organization. (Example: GIVE 100). Please note that there must be a space between the keyword and amount. 

If only an amount is texted without a keyword, the funds will go to a default category. This is set up by your organization. You will need to contact them directly for details on where this is assigned. There is no default category if your organization is using the short code, 74483. )

2. First time Text To Give donors will receive a text with a link to sign into their SecureGive account or create a new one. Tap on the link to begin the setup process.

Please note: the Text To Give setup link does not stay active indefinitely; it will expire after a few hours. If you tap on the link after it has already expired, you will not be able to complete the setup process. You will also see a "This Text To Give registration is invalid" error message. To fix that, simply text the keyword and amount again, and you will be sent a new link.

3. Sign in or create an account. 

4. Once you are signed in, if you already have a saved payment method, then make sure it is selected in the Default Payment dropdown. Then select Save.

If you do not have a saved payment method, then tap the ENTER NEW CARD or ENTER NEW BANK ACCT button. After you finish adding the payment method, then select Save.

5. Tap Submit to finish the donation.

6. When this is complete, you will receive a confirmation that your text donation has processed. You will also receive an email receipt.

The next time you would like to give by text, simply type the keyword and amount.  You will then receive a request to confirm with Y. After replying, you'll receive a text confirmation that your donation was processed, and you will receive an email receipt.

How to update your payment method and manage your account

Text the word "Update" to your organization's Text To Give number. Then tap the link that appears. Then log into your account to update your payment method and manage your account.

Additional Information

We recommend that you save your organization's text number as a contact in your phone for future use.

If you'd like some extra Text To Give tips, you can text a question mark "?" to your organization's text number.

If you would like to be shown the available keywords for your organization, then text the word "Keyword."  

How to unsubscribe from your organization's Text To Give number

If you text "Stop" or "End" to your organization's Text To Give number, you will not receive any more messages from that number. 

In order to begin receiving text messages again, text the word "Start" to the Text To Give number. 

3. Give using the Overcoming by Faith app.