Current Series

The Liberating Power of the Truth

How much of the truth can you handle?

Devotional Videos

Inspirational videos delivered from past sermons from Pastor Ricky Temple

Courageous Faith

Because of the way some people live, the way they think, and the choices they make, some things are impossible for them. This series will explore what is possible for you and what is not possible for you. According to Hebrews 11:6, all of this is tied to your faith. You will discover that faith is not just believing. Faith is believing, to be true, what God has told you.

A Courageous Look at Your Worldview

The conclusions and convictions you develop about the world you live in. This view will affect all your choices throughout your life. If you have a broad worldview it will show up in the way you manage challenges, the way you work, the way you communicate and the way you manage the seasons of your life.