Current Series

Trapped Financially

Series Map for March

  1. Trapped by Unnecessary Obligations (How necessary are your obligations?)
  2. Trapped by a Naïve Assumption (What have you been financially naive about?)
  3. Trapped by Uncontrolled Debt (How easily broken are you financially?)
  4. Trapped by Financial Isolation (Who can you call to help you?)
Understanding The God We Love

Four Goals In This Series Four Goals In This Series 

1. We will look at how God thinks (Isa.55:8-9)

2. We will look at how to rightly divide what scripture says about God

3. We will look at Understanding Why God Made Fathers (Father’s Day)

4. We will look at common assumptions people get wrong about God 

Tell The Truth

Question: Does your family have trouble with the truth?

Statement: There is a natural assumption that truthful families raise truthful children.

Manage Your Expectations

Big Question: Are you where you planned to be in life?

Side Question: Why are you not where you thought you would be? 

My Personal Answer: I am beyond where I thought I would be in some ways and behind in others. 

The New Wine of Prosperity

 Living in this new world, good home training always includes a mature attitude towards your financial resources. Let us explore three areas of our finances that may need our attention.

The Truth About Voting and Politics

The problem is that too many people are looking for salvation by government.” They are putting their hope in the political realm. But God warns us that when we put our confidence in kings bad things can happen.