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Big Thinking for Big Results

  1. Developing a Plan
  2. Developing a Team (Some people have one player teams)
  3. Developing Self-confidence
  4. Developing a Deadline
The Truth About What You Really Want

Series Summary:

  1. What do you really want?
  2. Are you hungry? (Driven)
  3. Are you doing what is right? (Integrous)
  4. Are you filled and satisfied with your life?
  5. How can a young person balance hunger, humility, and passion? (There is nothing like youthful hunger)
The Truth About Moving Forward

Four Things That Will Help You Move Forward

  1. Forgetting (Requires a high level of maturity to let things go)
  2. Reaching (Requires a clear sense of direction- you can only reach for what you can see!)
  3. Pressing (Requires a stubborn level of grit)
  4. Believing (Requires unwavering faith)
Learn What To Celebrate

Introduction: I am concerned about the all-out attack on seasons of celebration in the name of showing loyalty to Christ. This year, I have sought to explore how to live and think in this new world. As we close out the year, I want to focus on the importance of the gift of celebration. In scripture, God inspires us to celebrate our design, fruitfulness, authority, and abundance.