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Where Are You?

Series Summary:

  1. Are You Hiding
  2. Are You Naked
  3. Are You Blaming
  4. Are You Fixable (God’s Unique Plan) …Christmas
  5. Are You Starting Over (New Year’s Eve)
Boundary Lines

Series Text: Joshua 1:1–6 (NIV):
1. What are you not supposed to have? (Part 1)
2. What are you supposed to have?
3. How to get what you are supposed to have?

Trapped In The Wrong Place

Series Summary 

  1. Trapped In the Wrong Place (Have you ever stayed some place too long?)
  2. Trapped In Fear (Have you ever allowed your fears to block your potential?)
  3. Trapped In a Relationship (Are you suffering because your friends made bad decisions?)
  4. Trapped In the Wilderness (How do you manage a long-term bondage; a 40-year issue)


Annual Question: Why people don’t do what they say they are going to do?

Side Question: What have you promised to do that you have not done

The Truth About The Power of Celebrations

Series Summary:

  1. The Truth About the Importance of Celebration (I choose to celebrate)
  2. The Truth About the Hindrance to Celebration (I choose not to be hindered)
  3. Guest Speaker (Pastor Greg Formey will continue our conversation)
  4. The Truth About Choosing a Day to Celebrate (I choose Christmas)
The Truth About Stressed Out and Scared People

Four Things You Should Never Be Scared of Doing

1. Scared to Change (What have you been afraid to change?)

2. Scared to Confront (What have you been afraid to confront in your life?)

3. Scared to Try (What have you been afraid to try?)

4. Scared to Confess or Repent (What have you been afraid to admit?)

The Truth About What You Really Want

Series Summary:

  1. What do you really want?
  2. Are you hungry? (Driven)
  3. Are you doing what is right? (Integrous)
  4. Are you filled and satisfied with your life?
  5. How can a young person balance hunger, humility, and passion? (There is nothing like youthful hunger)
The Truth About Moving Forward

Four Things That Will Help You Move Forward

  1. Forgetting (Requires a high level of maturity to let things go)
  2. Reaching (Requires a clear sense of direction- you can only reach for what you can see!)
  3. Pressing (Requires a stubborn level of grit)
  4. Believing (Requires unwavering faith)