Esther Became Queen


Esther Became Queen

May 24, 2020

Passage: Esther

he king of Persia lived at the fortress in the city of Susa. He had many officials and helpers and servants. The king often held great parties and celebrations at the fortress. 

One time the king held a celebration, and he wanted the queen to attend the party. But the queen did not go to the party, and this angered the king. He decided he would find someone else to be the queen. 

The king talked to some men, and they decided to look for women who could learn how to be the new queen. So the men brought many young women to the fortress. Esther was one of the women who went to be trained. She was a Hebrew girl who lived with her cousin, Mordecai. Mordecai was like a father to Esther and took care of her. When the women arrived at the fortress, they were given special foods to eat and shown how to act like a queen. 

The king’s helper told the king it was finally time to choose the new queen. 

The king looked at all the women. When he saw Esther, the king chose her. The king put a crown on Esther’s head, then he gave a banquet for Esther and the king’s officials. 

Esther now was a queen. 

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Kids 4k-5th Grade

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