Managing on the Other Side of the Cross

Series: Manage Your Expectations

Managing on the Other Side of the Cross

April 04, 2021 | Ricky Temple

Passage: Luke 24:50-53

Big Question: Can you see beyond this side of your challenge?
Side Question: Do you really believe you can make it to the other side?

Statement: What was it like for the disciples to see Jesus leaving after his resurrection? They were told by Jesus he would die several times. But, they did not fully grasp what he was saying to them. He was on one side and they were on the other side. In Gethsemane, He was praying for the grace to get to the other side.

Series Information

Big Question: Are you where you planned to be in life?

Side Question: Why are you not where you thought you would be? 

My Personal Answer: I am beyond where I thought I would be in some ways and behind in others. 

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