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Where Are You?

Series Summary:

  1. Are You Hiding
  2. Are You Naked
  3. Are You Blaming
  4. Are You Fixable (God’s Unique Plan) …Christmas
  5. Are You Starting Over (New Year’s Eve)
Fighting A Fight That Is Not Yours
  1. Some people have anger issues (They are always angry about something)

  2. Some people have backsliding issues (They are always starting over again)

  3. Some people have courage issues (They don’t do the hard work required to win)

  4. Some people have missed opportunity Issues (Name an opportunity you missed?)


Part 1: Waiting For Me to be Ready to Start

Part 2: Waiting For Me to Manage My Distractions.

Part 3: Waiting For Me to Tell the Truth

Part 4:  Waiting For Me to Receive God’s Best

Stuck and Distracted in the Same Place

Part 1: How Children Get You Stuck and Distracted-The Tragic Story of Eli’s Passive Family Leadership

Part 2: How Our Nation Got Stuck and Distracted by Confusing Politics

Part 3: How Godly People Get Stuck and Distracted by Issues

Part 4: How to Get Unstuck and Focused

Hearing God and Protecting Your Future
  1. God had a Risk-Taking Conversation (Adam and Eve took an unwise risk)
  2. God had a Transparent Conversation (Cain missed an opportunity to be open)
  3. Hearing God When You Don’t Want to (Jonah 1)
  4. Hearing God Because of a Circumstance (Jonah 2-4)
Too Slow: Understanding the Season
  1. Childhood Seasons (The foundational teaching season that everything is built upon)
  2. Teenage Seasons (The preparing for independence or leaving season)
  3. Young Adult Seasons (The I want power in my life season)
  4. Senior Seasons (This can become the waiting to die and no dream season)
Going In The Wrong Direction

Series Explained: Four Reasons We Go in The Wrong Direction

  1. We Follow Bad Examples (The Pharisees were not consistent)
  2. We Follow Bad Advice (We will look at one man who made this mistake)
  3. We Father in The Wrong Direction (How were you Fathered?)
  4. We Prioritize the Wrong thing (Do you really know what’s important)
Painfully Passionate

Four Part Series

  1. Passion That Can Be Seen and Felt
  2. Passion of a Mother
  3. Passion That Can Be Explained
  4. Passion That Is Acted Upon
Trapped Financially

Series Map for March

  1. Trapped by Unnecessary Obligations (How necessary are your obligations?)
  2. Trapped by a Naïve Assumption (What have you been financially naive about?)
  3. Trapped by Uncontrolled Debt (How easily broken are you financially?)
  4. Trapped by Financial Isolation (Who can you call to help you?)
How to Get Along with Mr. Money

Series Summary:

  1. Be Exposed to It (How much money have you been exposed to?)
  2. Understand It (Who taught you about money?)
  3. Have It (How much money do you really have?)
  4. Manage It (Who was the best money manager in your life who showed you their money?)
Trapped by Injustice

Series Summary:

  1. They have not faced their true condition (Facing Our True Condition)

  2. They have not met the right people (People Who Reveal Your True Condition)

  3. They have not traveled to see their condition (Traveling the Distance to See)

  4. They have not embraced their inherited condition (Facing Our Inherited Condition)