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September 10, 2023

Jesus and Nicodemus

JOHN 3:1-21 Jesus traveled to many places to teach people. People...

July 23, 2023

Abraham's Test

God knew that Abraham loved Him and obeyed Him. God decided to give...

July 16, 2023

Abraham Rescued Lot

Lot lived in the beautiful land around the Jordan River. Lot’s family...

July 09, 2023

Abraham and Lot

Abram was a very rich man—he had herds of cattle and lots of silver...

July 02, 2023

The Tower of Babel

Noah’s family grew. Noah’s sons had sons, and their sons had sons, and...

June 25, 2023

Noah and the Ark

Noah was a good man. He was honest and treated people kindly. Noah...

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